Our farm is small and we strive to provide a wide range of certified organic vegetables and fruits 10 or more months of the year. Because we grow on less than two acres, we limit the number of CSA members that we take on each year. This allows us to give priority to our members. What our members do not take, we sell through Lima Family Farms' store, the Duke's Farmers Market, Bone In Food, a delivery service and through our online store.

CSA sign ups are CLOSED for 2024. Thank you to all who signed up. Check your email for farm updates.Deliveries start the last week of May!

Make sure to enter the appropriate discount code to get your bonus.

$110 share, pay only $100 with CSA100

$220 share, pay only $200 with CSA200

$335 share, pay only $300 with CSA300

$450 share, pay only $400 with CSA400

After purchasing your e-gift card, e-mail us at martenettefarms@gmail.com with your name, delivery address, phone number and your 16 digit gift card number (we can keep it on file in case you misplace it), located below the bar code in your order email. We will add you to our newsletter list to keep you up to date on everything going on the farm.

If you are a member past or present and want to know how our egift cards and online store work, this is a detailed video that walks you through it step by step. https://youtu.be/89hZldkWWFM. The only thing that has changed in the video is adding the discount code to get your bonus bucks, instead on me putting them in manually. See above.

Local Delivery We deliver with about 12 miles of our farm at 756 Amwell Road weekly on Tuesdays and Sundays June through November. We deliver every periodically in December, January and February and hope to offer occasional deliveries in March, April and May. Pick ups are not available on Farm at this time as we do not have the driveway capacity for that. We have pick ups at the Somerset County Regional Farmers Market in Somerville on Sundays from 10-1.

We also deliver to Monmouth County from Deal lake to Brielle and a few surrounding towns on Fridays June through October. Deliveries are on Friday afternoon.

Members can also use their CSA egift card to shop at the Somerset Regional Farmers Market from May 5th to Nov 24th, from 10am-1pm, rain or shine.

How to order Every week we send an email newsletter with a link to our website that gives a list of our available products. Orders can be made on our website. Members choose what they want each week and checkout using their e-gift card. Our newsletter goes out on Sunday mornings. When the email goes out, all orders will be for the following Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Ordering deadlines are Monday at 9pm( for Tuesday) Wednesday at 9pm( for Friday) and Friday at 12 (Sunday).

CSA example

Share size= $400

CSA Bonus = $50

Total Share Balance $450

Week 1 Order

Arugula (1/3 lb) $4

Salad Mix (1/2 lb) $5

French Breakfast radishes $2

Bok Choy (1 lb) $3

Eggs (dozen) $6

Scallions $2

2 bunches carrots $4x2

Total $30

New CSA balance $420

Balances Square up keeps track of your gift card balance so you always know where you are at before ordering.

CSA balances roll over from season to season, so there is no need to worry about using it all up before the end of the main season. Delivery is free and we have options for reusable totes and minimal plastic. Our CSA is not for everyone. While most people love our produce and our system, some would prefer more variety, more consistent sizes and flavors of vegetables and more fruit. We strive to make everyone satisfied, so in the event that someone would like to drop out of the CSA, please see our cancellation policy.

Communication Starting in 2023, Andrea will be trying to read and respond to emails 1-2 time a day. As such, email communications will be limited. If a member needs immediate attention, phone calls are best. 818-568-3106. Martenette Farms is comprised of 1 full time farmer (Andrea), 1 part time farmer (Tony), 1 10-hour a week paid helper and a handful of sporadic volunteers. We try our best to reach out to members about ordering and deadline but ultimately it is the member’s responsibility to remember to order. We recommend setting an alarm in your phone to remind you to order each week. Members who do not order or communicate for the first 3 weeks of the CSA will be refunded their share.

Check out the What We Grow page to see a list of our produce. https://martenettefarms.com/i/what-we-grow

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your membership for any reason during the season, Please email martenettefarms@gmail.com. We will check your balance and subtract the CSA member bonus you get at the beginning of the season and refund the rest through a credit card refund, venmo, paypal or a check within 2 weeks. So for example, if you purchased a $400 share, you receive a $50 bonus on your share, so your starting balance is $450. June and July, you spend $250 of that, so your balance is $200. You decide to move out of state and would like your money back or you didn't realize that Martenette doesn't grow pumpkins and you want your money back. You would receive $200-50= $150 back. This policy is only valid until August of the season of purchase. Refunds are not available after that.

About our CSA