CSA SIGN UPS ARE OPEN FOR THE 2022 SEASON. Our farm is small and we strive to provide a wide range of certified organic vegetables and fruits 10 or more months of the year. Because we grow on less than two acres, we limit the number of CSA members that we take on each year. This allows us to give priority to our members. What our members do not take, we sell through Lima Family Farms' store, the Duke's Farmers Market, Bone In Food, a delivery service and through our online store.

Every week we send an email through MailChimp that gives a brief (usually) update on the farm and a list of our available products. Orders can be made on our website, via text, or by email. Members choose what they want each week and the price of that order gets deducted from their CSA account. CSA balances roll over from season to season, so there is no need to worry about using it all up before the end of the main season. See the example below for how our system works. Delivery is free and we have options for reusable totes and minimal plastic. Our CSA is not for everyone. While most people love our produce and our system, some would prefer more variety, more consistent sizes and flavors of vegetables and more fruit. For a list of what we grow, click here. We strive to make everyone satisfied, so in the event that someone would like to drop out of the CSA, our cancellation policy is written below.

We deliver with about 12 miles of our farm at 756 Amwell Road weekly on Tuesdays and Sundays June through November. We deliver every other week December-March. In 2022, we aim to deliver twice a month in April and May too. Pick ups are not available on Farm at this time as we do not have the driveway capacity for that. We have pick ups at the Duke's Farmer's Market on Sundays from 10-2. We also deliver to Ocean Grove with a radius of about 5 miles on Fridays June through October and we offer Friday pick up at Dutch Hill Farm Market and Meat shop in Spring Lake.

CSA example

Share size= $400

CSA Bonus = $60

Total Share Balance $460

Week 1 Order

Arugula (1/3 lb) $4

Salad Mix (1/2 lb) $5

French Breakfast radishes $2

Bok Choy (1 lb) $3

Eggs (dozen) $6

Scallions $2

2 bunches carrots $4x2

Total $30

New CSA balance $430

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your membership for any reason during the season, Please email martenettefarms@gmail.com. We will check your balance and subtract the CSA member bonus you get at the beginning of the season and refund the rest through a credit card refund, venmo, paypal or a check within 2 weeks. So for example, if you purchased a $400 share, you receive a $60 bonus on your share, so your starting balance is $460. June through September, you spend $250 of that, so your balance is $210. You decide to move out of state and would like your money back or you didn't realize that Martenette doesn't grow pumpkins and you want your money back. You would receive $210-60= $150 back. This policy is only valid until November of the season of purchase. Refunds are not available after that.

About our CSA

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