About us

Tony and Andrea share the dream of growing beautiful, produce year round for themselves, their family and their community. Martenette's goals are to help reconnect people to locally grown quality food with sustainability in mind! By consciously using growing practices that minimize environmental impact, you can be certain that not only are the veggies certified organic, but they are also grown keeping in mind both the nutritional health of the consumer AND the health of the soil that the veggies are grown in.

Our story

The idea for our online shop was born out of the concept of making things easier for us all! All though we love a good hustling bustling marketplace we know it's just sometimes easier to have your items prepackaged for pick-up or even delivered right to your door! We have also invited some of our neighboring farms to co-op with us by adding their items to our inventory. Now that's staying connected directly to your food sources!

Delivery Zone

Not sure if you are in our delivery distance range? (Approx 15miles from the farm) Give us a call or send us a message to find out!

908-625-4886 or MartenetteFarms@gmail.com


The mastermind and lead farmer is Andrea. She knows every aisle, bed, and plant on the farm as she is the primary care giver and orchestrator of all the growing ons! She is also the animal birthing doula, the goat milk maiden and an exceptional cook!  With a collegiate background in medicinal herbs and a NJ Massage license, Andrea values the farm not only as a way to get food to the people but a way to help support the health and well being of her neighboring community.


Said to be an intuitive Improvisationalist, Tony is not only the marketing man and mouthpiece of Martenette, but he is also a field hand, a forager, a beekeeper and the infrastructure go-to-guy! He, like Andrea, also has a background in alternative healthcare and regularly teaches yoga at bodhi Breathe in Somerville, NJ. When Tony is not on the farm he is operating his Audio / Video Production Company or teaching special needs children some sort of creative therapeutic art.

Aril & Bourbon

Our family dogs are always with us protecting the garden, our chickens, flock of sheep and our milking goats. Aril is an American Dingo, and Bourbon is believed to be some sort of retriever mix.  They are both rescues and wonderful with people!

Charlie and the Chickens Charlie is our 2 year old Great Pyrenees. He watches over our flock of 100 pasture raised, organically fed laying hens. He loves scratches behind his ear, running in circles and sniffing everything.